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The UNwealth of Nations: Adam Smith Betrayed by Capitalism

By tdberg

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District 34- Economist Marshall Auerback- The Butcher, The Baker, The Bankster and The New Cold War Warrior

By tdberg


Marshall Auerback is a Market practitioner/analyst and Research Associate at the Levy Institute for Economics. We discuss Bankster scandals, income inequality and the Democrats that walk in lock step with the GOP on these issues. His recent peice in Alternet exposes the Crapo bill that is endemic of the relationship.

We also take a deep dive into the LIBOR, Adam Smith, and the embedded moral decisions in positive economics. The conversation is both educational and accessible.

District 34- David Hildebrand- DSA Candidate running against Diane Feinstein

By tdberg


I sat down with David Hildebrand, who is running against incumbent Diane Feinstein, for a lengthy and informative discussion on much needed policy change. He shares his views on DNC corruption, the corporate oligarchy, police brutality and reform and foreign policy.

You can donate to his campaign here:

District 34- California brace yourself for Gayle Force. Meet Our revolution candidate for Lt. Governor Gayle McLaughlin

By tdberg


Gayle is the progressive City of Richmond Mayor who successfully took on big oil. She is an advocate for Medicare for All, tuition free public university and more affordable housing.

We discuss the corporate loophole in Prop 13, how to fix UC funding and why we should create a state bank in California.

You can read more about Gayle and donate here:

District 34- #CaDem2018 Wrap-up with ADem Delegate Dr. Ron Birnbaum

By tdberg

We discuss the endorsements, The DiFi #TimesUp not so dramatic un-incidence, and the progress on progressive pushes.

District 34- Is Nancy Pelosi feeling the Bern yet? My conversation with attorney Stephen Jaffe

By tdberg

Stephen Jaffe is an attorney, lifelong Democrat, dedicated BernieCrat- and he is primarying House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. He supports single-payer healthcare, private prison reform and mental health reform. He has a comprehensive plan to deal with income inequality and the unintended consequences of Prop 13.

You can donate to his campaign here:

District 34- Meet Elijah Manley- Black Lives Matter and Youths Rights Advocate running for Broward County School Board

By tdberg

Elijah Manley is 19 years old and has already ran for president. He became an activist while in 9th grade and its currently running for the Broward County School Board. Suffice it to say, he is ahead of the class curve!

We discuss the current politics of Broward County, civil rights and what he envisions for the future. He is a Black Lives Matter activist as well as a board member for Youths Rights. He is also a National Committee member for the Green Party. His passion and knowledge will impress you.

You can donate to his campaign here:

District 34- The Art of the Grift- Scott Dworkin and The Democratic Coalition

By tdberg

Geoff Campbell, writing for The Progressive Army, recently broke a financial scandal on The Democratic Coalition and founder Scott Dworkin. Geoff takes us through his findings and why it matters.

It can be read here

Matt Detch, a recent congressional candidate in West Virginia’s 3rd district talks about his poor experience with Dworkin’s consulting firm Bulldog Financial and the larger problem of money in politics.

Geoffs piece with Matt

District 34- Guest Lee Camp from Redacted Tonight on HUAC Twitter Trials, Media Consolidation and Chomsky

By tdberg

Lee Camp, comedian, gadfly, and host of Redacted Tonight on Russia Today sits down with Tina to discuss neo-McCarthyism, media consolidation and the state of Independent journalism.

In this raucous interview Lee talks about the flack he has received from celebrities like Michael Ian Black on Twitter. Rather than disparage the haters Lee discusses why free speech is important to helping these people come to the light. Gracious and funny, Lee knocks this interview out the park!


District 34- Attorney and Activist Jeff Clements on Citizens United

By tdberg

Jeff Clements is an attorney, author, and co-founder of American Promise. He is the author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money And Global Corporations. He has been one of the chief advocates for a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC.

Please consider supporting his bipartisan efforts at American Promise

His Amicus Brief