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About Me

By tdberg

HS13I prefer Shelter Dogs to Pedigrees; Champagne to Whiskey; Hot Sauce to Mayonnaise; Hybrids to Hummers; Humidity to Cold; Ballet to Modern; Espresso to Tea; Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate; Juice to Soda; Frege to Lyotard; Pat Benatar to Brittany Spears; Salmon to Steak; Jon Stewart to Glen Beck; The Economist to Cosmopolitan; Scrabble to Basketball; Pai Gow to Texas Hold ’em; Truth to Lies; Facts to Hear-say; Pale Pink to Hot Pink; Grapefruit Juice to Orange Juice; Rock to Country; Mozart to Bach; Wood Floors to Carpet; Quesadillas to Jamon; Pho to Chow Mein; Rawls to Nozick; False Equivalence to Coincidence

I have many interests beyond acting. And these are but a few. Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride- as the destination is nothing more than a moving goal post.

West Coast Correspondent Femme Fatales Magazine 1995 and 1996.

Board of Directors, Public Policy Director, Junior League of Los Angeles 2006 to 2008. We worked on Microbicides advocacy, Human Trafficking ( authored and sponsored AB2810 with Julia Brownley’s office), Childhood Obesity and Nutrition (stakeholder testimony in favor of WIC reforms to allow the inclusion of more wholesome foods), Affordable housing (supported housing bond in Los Angeles).

Site Manager of the LA Coalition for the Global Campaign for Microbicides 2006 to 2008

Board of Directors, Public Policy Director and Producer, Change The Menu, 2014 to Current

Board of Directors, DARB Insurance services 2005 to Current. Executive Vice President Entertainment Risks


BA in Drama and Dance, UC Irvine
MA in Philosophy- emphasis in Logic and the Philosophy of Science, CSULA

7 Responses to About Me

  1. Jarrod

    Quick question. I was engaged in a heated debate with you via Twitter and I need some questions answered. Given your thesis on race and other ideas, what do you think can be done better to bridge the race gap in public education? And how do you a local low income black community more involved and interested intheir student’s education?

  2. Administrator

    You can read my thesis here:

  3. Chynna

    That’s not just logic. That’s really sesiebln.

  4. Kerryn

    Shoot, who would have thhuogt that it was that easy?

  5. Tim

    Quick question. Why and how are you so beautiful and smart, and still single? What is your favorite area of exploration in Philosophy?


  6. tdberg

    Ha! Thank you. You are too kind. I would say that I have 2 areas- political and science.

  7. Jennifer

    Did you just create your new Facebook page?

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