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Archive for the 'Logic and Philosophy of Science' Category

Richard Boyd and Natural Kind Terms

In Realism, Anti-Foundationalism and the Enthusiasm for Natural Kinds, Richard Boyd defends the use of cluster properties as natural kinds and natural kind terms, while refuting Ian Hackings claim that they are intrinsically social because they fail to satisfy the condition of being defined by a set of necessary and sufficient properties. While acknowledging that […]


A Defense of Moral Naturalism

Making sense of our moral convictions can be a daunting task. As such, a squabble has long simmered on the origins of our moral norms, and whether or not our moral claims can be analyzed or reconciled to the natural world. Although the rival accounts have rarely quarreled over what constitutes right and wrong- since […]


Epistemology: Should We Ascribe to a Cartesian Ideal?

The traditional conception of knowledge, originally subscribed to by Plato and forwarded by Descartes, has attempted to define knowledge by separating what constitutes genuine knowledge from what is mere opinion or groundless belief. This definition, which ultimately accepts knowledge to be justified true belief, is presently still being debated and analyzed. Contemporary deliberation on this […]