Actress. Model. Philosopher. Muckraker. Whatever.

I prefer Rescue Dogs to Pedigrees; Wine to Whiskey; Hot Sauce to Mayonnaise; Hybrids to Hummers; Espresso to Tea; Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate; Frege to Lyotard; Pat Benatar to Brittany Spears; Lentils to Steak; Pai Gow to Texas Hold ’em; Truth to Lies; Facts to Hear-say; Pale Pink to Hot Pink;  Rock to Country; Mozart to Bach; Quesadillas to Jamon; Pho to Chow Mein; Rawls to Nozick; Equivalence to Coincidence

BA,  UC Irvine

MA in Philosophy, CSULA

Actress. Model.

 Tina-Desiree Berg has appeared in dozens of films including starring roles in the Cult Classics Bikini Hotel and GiAnts.

On Television she has appeared in The Bold and The Beautiful, Good Day LA, Hercules and Others.

As a model, her client list has included Frederick's of Hollywood, Mossimo, Redkin, Muscle and Fitness, Men's Health and many others.

Philosopher. Muckraker.

Tina-Desiree Berg began her career in journalism in the 1990s. She appeared on Good Day LA, was the west coast correspondent for Femme Fatales, and penned many freelance articles that appeared in magazines like Impact and Cinefantastique. She has also covered politics as a correspondent for Washington Babylon and others. Her current focus is covering extremist movements.

She is the host of the District 34 podcast, which focuses on California news and commentary and a host on Status Coup News.


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