Bikini Hotel

Samantha Vance inherits the Tiki Hotel when her father dies. She decides to fix it up but has problems drumming up business. Her friends throw a party at the hotel and an idea is born to make it the "Bikini Hotel" with all of the staff members wearing bikinis. This elicits jealousy in the nearby Regent Hotel who wish to turn Samantha's hotel into a parking lot. It all culminates in a competition at a miniature golf course. Stars Julie Strain, Stella Stevens, JJ North and Tina-Desiree Berg


A woman trapped at home by phobias and an abusive psychiatrist finds a hero to save her--or is he part of her psychosis? Stars Tina-Desiree Berg and Paul Darrigo.


A team of treasure hunters take over Alcatraz Island in search of diamonds and encounter a shape-changing alien. Stars Gary Daniels and Tina-Desiree Berg.


Professor Jonathan is called away to give a lecture on ants to a corporation, Niles Industries,. But when a giant ant escapes . The giant ant sends out a sonic signal across the world and suddenly giant ants are appearing everywhere. Stars Mel Novak, Tina-Desiree Berg, and Richard Rabago.

Deer Crossing

The film centers around retired police detective Derrick Stanswood (Mann), who is called by a successful doctor about an unsolved case involving his wife Maggy (Cottrel) and their son, Cole (newcomer Kevin Fennell). Chasing after loose ends in a backward rural town, Derrick has no idea that Maggy has been held captive for the past eight years by farmer Lukas Walton (K.J. Linhein, "Jebediah"), who is raising Cole as his own son in a wrongful world that holds its own horror. Stars Doug Bradley, Ernie Hudson, KJ Linhein, Laura Cottrel with Christopher Mann, Tom Detrick and Tina-Desiree Berg.

Magma: Earth's Molten Core

Ryan Kristoff, once a decorated naval captain must fight his past and inner demons to save his family from the "dormant" Mount Diablo. His estranged wife, a distinguished geologist, realizes that the fabled Diablo is about to erupt. She embarks on a mission to convince the local authorities to evacuate the city. Stars Tina-Desiree Berg and Jason Johnson.

Attack of the 65 Ft Woman

The 65 Ft Woman goes looking for love. Stars Tina-Desiree Berg, William Cutting, Isaac Singleton Jr and Frank Medrano.

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