LA Protester Sent to ICU With BRAIN BLEED After Cops Shoot Him With Rubber Bullet

Independent journalist Tina-Desiree Berg interviewed Iz Sinistra, a protester from Los Angeles—who was shot at by police by a rubber bullet—sending him to ICU with a brain bleed.

LIVE Journalist's Car Shot With Rubber Bullets By Police, LAPD Hits Protesters

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Los Angeles Becomes the New Baghdad During George Floyd Protests

Independent journalist Tina-Desiree Berg reports from chaotic protests in Los Angeles on May 30th, 2020 over the police murder of George Floyd.

California Primary: A Tale of Voter Suppression, Incompetence, and Chaos

In a special report for Status Coup, journalist Tina-Desiree Berg reports on the voter suppression and total mayhem throughout Los Angeles during the California Primary

Adam Smith's "Wealth Of Nations" Is NOT Pro-Capitalism

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NYT endorses WARBUCHAR, Bernie & Tulsi together in South Carolina, MLK JR & more!

NYT endorses WARBUCHAR, Bernie & Tulsi together in South Carolina, MLK JR & more!with Tina-Desiree Berg from District 34 Podcast.

Do Big Exit Poll Discrepancies Really Show Bernie Winning?

District 34 Podcast host Tina-Desiree Berg does a deep dive into exit polling via interviews and more.

San Fransisco DNC Meeting: A Wrap-up

Tina Desiree Berg presents highlights from the DNC meeting in SF (#DNCMeetingSF2019)Included are Progressive Caucus panel discussing that the DNC needs to reverse its position on a #ClimateDebate, the Resolutions Committee meeting, hearing the same argument, which was interrupted by #SunriseMovement members, registered for this meeting, who were being physically prevented from entering, but protested until they were eventually admitted.

2019 CADEM Special Report with John Graziano, Tina-Desiree Berg, and Pate Cote

Laura and John host a conversation with John Graziano, Tina Desiree Berg, Pat Cote and YOU about what went down at the 2019 California Democratic Convention. Join the discussion

Savage Joy

Join us for a conversation on party corruption and more.

"Think Tanks are another form of Lobbyists." They are also connected to mainstream media. American Enterprise Institute was basically responsible for the Iraq war!"

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