Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer

Tina-Desiree Berg speaks with presidential candidate Tom Steyer before the Nevada Caucus.

Chuy Garcia

Tina-Desiree Berg speaks with Bernie Sanders surrogate and Congressperson Chuy Garcia at the Nevada Caucus.

Mel Tillekeratne from The Shower of Hope

The Shower of Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides free showers to individuals experiencing homelessness. Tina-Desiree Berg spoke with the founder, Mel Tillekeratne at the Bernie Sanders rally on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Chris Dean Precinct Captain for Bernie Sanders in Cedar Rapids Iowa

Tina-Desiree Berg spoke with Chris Dean Precinct, Captain for Bernie Sanders in Cedar Rapids Iowa, the day before the caucus.

Tulsi Gabbard Press Gaggle

Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard fields on question on the BDS bill from Tina-Desiree Berg.

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